Things can't be that bad when it looks like this outside my window.

October in New Hampshire isn't supposed to look like this.

The Twiddiots strike again. Someone tweeted about a Krispy Kreme giveaway of donuts to vaccinated people, and I jokingly replied, "Now you can die of a heart attack instead of COVID." Twitter thought this was a threat to use my voodoo powers to induce a heart attack, I guess.

Twitter has suspended my account for calling for the termination of the account of the ex-Malaysian PM, who said that Muslims have the right to murder millions.

This month's Captain Obvious award goes to Reason Magazine.

GDPR has led many sites to block EU users. It's the easiest way to avoid ruinous legal action from the EU. But this one surprised me. The site is the Nashua, New Hampshire Telegraph, and I'm in New Hampshire.


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