The involuntary 2FA here is getting really annoying. I've been getting it almost every time I log in. The worst part is that half the time, after I confirm with the emailed code, it tells me my email address or password was wrong. First, this is unlikely, since I use a password manager. Second, why send me a code if I used the wrong password? This is already cutting into my inclination to use Liberdon.

@gmcgath I solve that problem by never logging out. Apparently, so long as your browser has the login cookies, it doesn't pull that garbage.

@billblake2018 I've set my browser to clear all cookies every time I quit, as a defense against long-term tracking.

@gmcgath I periodically clean out my cookies, leaving just the ones I want. Is a minor pain, but it means I don't get logged out. :)

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