The Twiddiots strike again. Someone tweeted about a Krispy Kreme giveaway of donuts to vaccinated people, and I jokingly replied, "Now you can die of a heart attack instead of COVID." Twitter thought this was a threat to use my voodoo powers to induce a heart attack, I guess.

@gmcgath If this idioticy was delivered evenly across the political spectrum, I would find nothing wrong with it. Twitter has a right to choose the sensitivity of their algorithm. But I have a hunch that it is not even at all...
If I am correct then applying an algorithm against a specific political side is a breach of contract.

@kpeace @gmcgath The claim that twitter is censoring conservatives for being conservative is not supported by the facts. That said, it is not a breach of Twitter's "contract", which basically lets them do whatever they want with what you give them and lets them deny access to whatever or whoever they wish--for any reason or no reason at all.

@billblake2018 @kpeace What part of the political spectrum would that silly joke have been on anyway?
As of early this morning I'm still locked out.

@gmcgath @billblake2018 I think Twitter understood it to mean that the vaccine could give you a heart attack... Which means that you are a anti vaxer which means that you are a Trump supporter.

Of course it's bullshit. But that is how big tech interperts these things...

@billblake2018 @gmcgath I don't think the term of agreements allow them to do whatever they want. Even if it gives them a lot of Lee way there is always the intention of tje contract and the need to deal in good faith.
I think that a lawyer can make the case that since there is no explicit clause that states that tweeter is a political entity which will act based on political agende then any such action is in "bad faith" and a breach of contract

@kpeace @gmcgath That's not the law. I speak with authority, since I have the necessary legal training. Their ability to refuse service to anyone is, for all practical purposes, unlimited, and there is absolutely no requirement to host political content they don't like. If you think otherwise, feel free to cite legal authority for your opinion, and I'll be happy to address it.

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