The Libertarian Part of New Hampshire — more precisely, the people who managed to get its key positions — self-destructed on Twitter today. Lots of libertarians from NH and elsewhere are dissociating themselves from it. Brian Shields, whom I regard highly, has quit his position.

@gmcgath I agree with them. Child labor laws are counter productive.

Then again. You need to get your priorities strait. Start with privatizing education so that some schools can mix labor education with on the job paid training.
That will be much more productive


@kpeace It has to be evaluated as a statement by a political party. If any libertarian personally said it, we could discuss and debate the nuances. But putting it as a blanket statement representing the party's position, with an implication that classroom learning is unimportant, is stupid.

@gmcgath I agree that official statements should be put as part as an overall strategy to advance an agenda. This statement does not seam to be part of any rational strategy.

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