The "50-state survey" I got from the ACLU shows it's dead as a civil liberties organization. It's now just another organization promoting progressive statism (thread)

Questio 1. "There is no more urgent issue in America today than ending the systemic inequality and racism that pervade American society." Choose from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree." No other issues (such as the pandemic) are offered as candidates.


Question 2: White supremacists and other violence-prone extremists are a serious and immediate threat to our democracy." Again, responses are SA to SD. Stirring up the idea that the govt is about to be overthrown sounds like a pitch for limiting liberties, not defending them.

Question 3: Asking how effective various schemes for "ending systemic inequality" would be, including "working to close the racial wealth gap," "canceling student loand debts," and "expanding access to financial services."

And of course, "Will you send a contribution today?" Any poll that asks for contributions is trying to rig its sample. It's a common practice. The whole last page is an ACLU membership acceptance form, which I heavily X'ed out.

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