Has anyone read Sam Harris's _The Moral Landscape_? is it worth reading?

@gmcgath I haven't read it and don't plan to. In _The End of Faith_, he baldly asserted the proposition that ethics is altruistic and, from the description of _The Moral Landscape_ it appears that he hasn't learned any better. It appears, for example, that he simply begs the question of what constitutes a better life. And that he's a determinist.

@billblake2018 I reviewed _The End of Faith_ ages ago and wasn't impressed.

What I've read about his theory indicates he's at least broadly on target in regarding the moral good as based on well-being. However, he seems to be a utilitarian.

I'm working on an article on ethics that wouldn't be complete without addressing his views, even if it's to rebut them. I found a cheap copy on eBay and have ordered it.

@gmcgath I didn't get to the parts you critiqued in that essay. Probably because I stopped reading once he baldly asserted that morality *is* altruism. Your essay makes clear that I made the right decision. :) But I suppose you're stuck reading this other book. My condolences.

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