Trying to find info on the circumstances of Ashli Babbitt's killing. She was a nasty person, but that's not enough of an answer. This Newsweek article comes closest to explaining. It sounds like a panicked action by the cop.


Babbitt's "The storm is here" tweet is quoted on many news outlets, but the original is no longer on Twitter. Seems to me that an important piece of information on the Jan. 6 riot has been lost.

Two things that are both true: (1) Babbitt's killing needs investigation and was likely unjustified. (1) Even in the worst case, it's not in the same category as breaking into someone's home in the middle of the night and shooting occupants.

@gmcgath I'm sure someone on twitter screenshot it. (Hm. Screenshotted?)

@billblake2018 As a former library person, I'm big on provenance. Having the original on Twitter is the best case.

@gmcgath Would be nice if, say, twitter removed such tweets from normal distribution but provided a search function for them.

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