Apple has followed Google in removing the Parler app from its store. If insufficient moderation is a reason, then shouldn't they also drop Mastodon clients? Mastodon as such has no ability to moderate instances, and I'm sure there must be a few with really nasty stuff on them.

I've blocked a bunch of idiots here, so I can't say definitively whether anything truly vicious is being posted on Liberdon.

I should mention that I've never had a Parler account. The registration process was broken for me, and they wanted my phone number.

@gmcgath If they were being consistent, they'd have to drop all email apps, since moderating email is impossible. :)

@billblake2018 There are also a bunch of Usenet readers on the Play Store.

@gmcgath Usenet is still a thing? I knew that one could get archives, but not that anyone still uses it!

@billblake2018 There are still some active newsgroups. I'm on and rec.arts.sf.fandom.

@gmcgath Heh. I just looked: FreeBSD still has a lot of Usenet packages. So I imagine there's still tech talk there too.

@gmcgath these leftist nazi fascists should go back to the gulags in soviet russia where they came from

@gmcgath Indeed, and, for that matter, what about web browsers? I can still access on my phone -- from Google Chrome.

@gmcgath i believe google claimed they would do so a while back, because some Mastodon/Pleroma clients could be used to access GAB. So, no, there is no guarantee the central repository will kick out the fedi clients. The only solution is fdroid.

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