The first principle of libertarianism is not to inflict harm on people who aren't injuring or endangering others. If you refuse to wear a mask and are proud of it, please stop calling yourself a libertarian.

@gmcgath Don't call yourself a libertarian, if you feel compelled to comply with the illusions of others. Since masks are ineffective, not wearing one is not harming anyone. Moreover, if I'm not infected, I can't infect anyone.

@melmc Another idiot to block. With so many fallacies in one toot, there's no point in dissecting your dishonesty. Dishonesty which puts people's lives at risk.

The actual harm (irrational fear) is self-inflicted. I don't think this violates NAP.

I'd offer a longer conversation about why masks are unnecessary, ineffective and harmful to the wearer, but your quick resort to a block tells me you're not currently receptive to that discussion. Shutting down rational conversation is more fascist than libertarian. Disappointed.

Also, masks are mandated by the State under threat of violence. That's pretty far from libertarianism too.


@gmcgath The contrary argument is that people who go out in public assume the associated risks. It analogizes driving a car to not using a mask--both expose others to risks, but others, by putting themselves into the relevant situation, have accepted that risk.

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