The Floyd killing was the spark, but was the lockdown the powder keg? The lockdown must surely have resulted in police harassment of black people like never before. Their liberal "friends" were on the side of the cops. It may not have been the explicit motive, but it must have contributed to a mood that was ready for rioting.


Right. People are surprised when a police State with control over every aspect of their lives behaves like a police State with control over every aspect of their lives.

@gmcgath Yes. This has been months in coming as angry people who have lost their savings, their businesses, and their jobs, who have seen their "leaders" talk of sacrifice and safety against an invisible threat while ignoring the world economy crumbling around them.

Why else loot Target, a symbol of an "essential" business that was allowed to stay open by fiat when your corner market was forced to close its doors for good?

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