Can anyone here point at a good explanation of negative interest? It bewilders me why anyone would prefer lending at negative interest to putting money in a vault.

@gmcgath Negative interest is retarded. It's the interbank or "prime" rate that is negative, and it's being forced on purpose by the unFederal Reserve so big banks will borrow credits from the unFederal Reserve which would then presumably cause them to loan that "money" to the rest of us, basically kind of like trickle down economics sort of, but the banks still charge us interest for us loans anyway.

@gmcgath Mortgage rates tracked downward with interbank rate to a point, then came unglued and went back up a little, over the past several months (while I was refinancing) because there are many factors in play other than the interbank rate.

@gmcgath I'm a businessfag but this is a little outside my expertise. That said I will answer any follow up questions you may have by replying in lame memes from 1998 if you still have questions.

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