The latest Reason cover is strange. The president isn't an at-will employee. He isn't Congress's employee at all. The bar for impeaching and removing the president should be high.

Trump has met that bar and then some, but that's a separate issue.


Agreed. has a great podcast, but they get oddly entrenched with certain topics. Mostly anti

Trump's has not been like an at will employer firing a bad employee. It has been much more like Debby in accounts payable running to HR behind your back because she doesn't like you, with gossip that she can't confirm. Now that it's time to officially review the information through the formal HR channels Debby won't respond to her email with the calendar invite..

@AtlasFreeman It's neither. The facts have been clearly confirmed. Trump has openly abused his office in more ways than anyone can count. Kicking him out of office would be a routine matter except that the Senate is full of Republican opportunists and sycophants.


How has he abused the office any differently than Obama or Bush Jr?

@leyonhjelm @AtlasFreeman @gmcgath

mcgath, you want to explain what the criminal complaint is that you're using to justify this extra judicial action?
also, explain to me how biden saying he wont comply with the senate or nancy wanting to dictate terms to the senate isn't 'obstruction of congress'.
i'm just curious what you think the impeachable offense is here.
you'd agree that injecting false information into the media to control minds is also an abuse of power wouldn't you?

@AtlasFreeman Oh, please, not the "It's all right because others have done it."


I'm can support removing Trump from office by suddenly holding him to a standard which has not been applied to prior presidents, but I need a show of good faith..

I want to see the majority of DC gone for not doing their jobs, abusing power, or simply not being authorized by the Constitution.

Let me see the Senate decimated. Nepotism prosecuted. Etc

Then I will support holding Trump to that standard.

Until then it's just partisan games and I will not play the part of useful idiot.

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