Constantly complaining to other libertarians about the evil govt is the libertarian form of virtue signaling. Do something — make a public statement, help people to stay safe, challenge falsehoods, give money where it's useful, protect yourself and friends, prepare for the future — or it's all just noise.

@gmcgath I guess that would be true if that was ALL they did, but I don't see why commiserating with like-minded people is a problem in and of itself. I even think it's beneficial because it helps people to clarify their thinking.

I was at a flea market yesterday in a state that has a sales tax. I started joking with a few people by saying that we're all criminals since we aren't paying the tax here, and damn it if I didn't almost start a tax revolt from the responses I got.

Very encouraging.

@gunkslinger That's the right way to do it. Talk with people who you might get agreement from but may not have really thought about the implications.

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