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Lock-down/Active shooter drills are NOT about safety. These simulated execution rituals are conducted for fear-based mass social control purposes to traumatize, instill fear, hopelessness, personal dis-empowerment, reliance on authority figures to save and protect you. twitter.com/ISTAmembers/status

@billblake2018 It's the concentration camp guard mentality. As long as someone's giving them orders, the teachers feel absolved of all responsibility.

@gmcgath So we give people who have no moral backbone the task of teaching our children. And that becomes part of their lessons.

@billblake2018 Or else teachers are systematically pressured into giving up their backbone. I'm not close enough to the school systems to know whether they come in that way or are broken down by the system. Some of each, most likely.

@gmcgath Teachers are taught by people who are primarily on the left, who demand giving up moral judgment to the collective. So teachers likely lose whatever backbone they had before they get their teaching certificate.


@billblake2018 Some of the teachers were bruised by plastic pellets while deceiving the students, and we're supposed to feel sorry for them. Not in the least.

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