The Donohue-Jeopardy witch hunt bothers me more than it should. It's the randomness and pointlessness of targeting him, and the way major news outlets have treated the smear campaign as legitimate news, which get to me on a deep level. The next target could be anybody.

People who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID and falsely claim they have been are contemptible cowards. If you think you're doing a heroic deed by not preventing spread of the disease, be proud of it instead of hiding.

You think the American political scene can't get worse? Imagine the emergence of a neocon party led by Liz Cheney.

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Viele Kinder wurden in ihrer körperlichen und geistigen Gesundheit geschädigt, weil sie wegen der Lockdowns nicht zur Schule gehen, nicht mit ihren Freunden spielen oder nicht einmal eine Geburtstagsparty feiern können.

In my latest blog post, I explain how sunk costs and opportunity costs affect writers, with the help of Kenny Rogers.

Some people run podcasts that can only be accessed through one service. That's like having a website that's only accessible with one browser. (Yes, I know there have been such things.)

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The reason I argue about vaccines here is not to change the minds of the people (or bots) I'm arguing with. The reason is to let third parties know that libertarians are not all blithering idiots.

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Public service announcement: Everyone whom Louis Pasteur vaccinated is now dead.

The former head of a company I freelance for claimed that inflation gives workers a "raise." It's hard to overestimate the level of economic ignorance in American society.

Republicans have ruined the word "woke" by using it for anything they object to. I'm trying out "cancelgoon." It conveys the intent and mindset and isn't widely used for anything currently. Cancelgoons can be on the left or right.

Yesterday I heard a podcast about analyzing anonymous text to identify the author by word choice, grammatical errors, etc. It talked about using it to catch criminals, but the "criminals" could easily be whistleblowers, callers for protest, and critics of the government.

The "pandemic is a hoax" claim is the most bloated conspiracy theory ever. It's saying MILLIONS of people have faked their deaths.

Coca-Cola has been requiring the law firms it deals with to engage in racial discrimination. The level of insanity in the US keeps rising.

I'm seeing self-proclaimed libertarians say the government should have tied up the COVID vaccines in years of testing while millions died.

Sorry about all the typos. The keyboard on my laptop isn't the best.

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