I tried to add Fox News on Roku, just as a gesture against the politicians who are pressuring them to drop it. But the channel requires me to read and agree to a huge ToS document just to watch it. I declined.

I can't draw at all, but I'd love to see a cartoon with Mickey Mouse yelling "You're offensive!" at Kermit while handing money to a Chinese concentration camp guard. Perhaps the background would be a wall topped with barbed wire, bearing a sign reading "Location shooting: Mulan. Trespassers will be re-educated."

New Hampshire falls further behind in ending the war on marijuana. NH has socialized liquor stores, and their influence has often been cited as a factor. concordmonitor.com/New-Hampshi

Secretary of the Oakland Education Association posts a racist tweet attacking parents. Which are worse, teachers' unions or police unions? sfgate.com/bayarea/article/All

As businesses collapse all around us, USA Today tries to convince us the economy is "soaring" thanks to government handouts. usatoday.com/story/money/2021/

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My (hopefully final) take on the Australian government and news media vs Google and Facebook saga.


I'm sure Garland knows that he would have no case for prosecuting Trump for criminal incitement on January 6. The question is whether he'll promise to do it anyway in order to please the Senate. usatoday.com/story/news/politi

Sigh ... Logged in to Yelp and found they're now categorizing businesses by the skin color of their owners. Where do they even get that information?

Working at the New York Times must be terrifying. Employees live in fear of being denounced by their colleagues, look for opportunities to destroy them, or both. nypost.com/2021/02/09/war-erup

Racism is a false and harmful idea, but it has somehow become a unique evil in the eyes of many, worse than support of tyranny, cruelty, destruction, and violence. Witness the comments on Limbaugh.

Babylon Bee: "Walls work and are not racist in any way, now that we are using them to protect ourselves from the people." babylonbee.com/news/pelosi-ann

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in 's "re-education" camps for have been systematically raped, sexually abused, and tortured, according to detailed new accounts obtained by the .


Australia has declared war on a basic principle of the Internet: the freedom to link. The big news sites stand to gain revenue from this, so they've joined in the attack on this principle.

Reparations to descendants of slaves can't possibly be done justly after a century and a half. How many people can establish their ancestry? Would functionally white people who can find one slave in their ancestry get a check? It would mean paying people for having a pedigree. The people who suffered the most from post-slavery oppression would be least able to provide one.

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