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Rand Paul sinks to new depths of cynicism. He says no Republican Senator will vote for impeachment because they put their careers first. He's a Republican Senator, so he's including himself and saying he puts his career ahead of principle.

The LPNH so-called primary had no significance except as a poll of participants. The NH delegates to the national convention are a mostly sane bunch of people and aren't bound by the vote. Calling it a "primary" was dumb, and the outcome just compounded the negative consequences.

The subdomain is currently in limbo. Links to my articles there get an "account suspended" message. The appropriate people at LPNH are aware of this.

When I access I see "account suspended" messages, sometimes redirecting to live pages. With I see just the suspension notice. This has taken several of my own articles offline. Anyone know what's going on?

Currently I'm sitting on my back porch with no coat on, after a short bicycle ride. In New Hampshire.

The LPNH has just embarrassed itself to death, with Vermin Supreme getting the most votes for presidential nominee at its convention.

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I misspoke a bit. VT hasn't banned it, but has a real bill proposed to ban it. I was rushing to get a show started half an hour late. Still insane.

"The Man in the White Suit" is a great Alec Guinness movie. It portrays the innovator vs. entrenched interests. But how economically accurate is it?

Here's another gem from USA Today's brilliant physicists: "Below deck, only red light is used because it doesn't travel as far as white."

It doesn't matter whether you're pro- or anti-Smollett. What matters is to remember that if you use Google (or some other big service) for everything, the government can do this to you.

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@gmcgath From the article: "Unexpectedly, Trump chose that option, the official said, adding that the president’s decision was spurred on in part by Iran hawks among his advisors."
All I've heard Paul say regarding Trump's decision was that he "got bad advice," which would be consistent with the statement above. Has he weighed in more strongly than that?

Notice that the Democrats in Congress are implying that by default, the president can attack countries without Congressional approval. They want to make sure anyone they get into the White House has that power.

Stack Exchange tried using cancel culture techniques on Monica Cellio. They backfired completely. I discuss the reasons.

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