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Microsoft Edge contains a hidden whitelist that lets Facebook always run Flash, even bypassing click2play policy:

This could be big. The Supreme Court has ruled that the "excessive fines" provision of the Eighth Amendment applies to the states in connection with civil forfeiture. It doesn't kill the practice, but it should put some limits on it.

Mercy Hospital (is the name intentionally ironic?) reported a woman to Child Protective Services because poppy seed bread made her fail a drug test. The test was designated "only for medical treatment." Sending the results to government authorities was an egregious HIPAA violation.

"Mercy" hospital knows about HIPAA. They're suddenly very concerned about their victim's privacy when they're asked any questions.

Where do we stand now? Trump is preparing a declaration of a fictitious national emergency, and appears ready to use the military to force people out of their homes.

There have been so many steps toward the undisguised authoritarian state that I can't really say this is _the_ step; it's now just a matter of how little pretense remains. But things can get much worse in people's daily lives, especially in the Southwest, and I'm afraid they will.

What's left to do? I'm too old to go Galt.

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The only real "national emergency" is that we have a president prepared to call one and a Congress unwilling to stop him.

Bill Weld said he was a "Libertarian for life," then he switched his registration back to Republican. He's just one more lying politician.

A phisher is sending emails claiming to be from the LP. Be wary of links and attachments if a message allegedly from them doesn't look right.

I'd like to see a libertarian crossover between "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" and "Back to the Future":

"Badges? Where we're going we don't need badges!"

Bumper sticker seen yesterday: "My cat is a Democrat." Makes sense. Cats think they should be taken care of without having to do anything.

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Everyone in the Northeast knows New Jersey is the best state to fill up in during a long trip, even though it mandates gas station attendants. Expect that to change.

I should also have mentioned that ShapeShift's user interface for registration is super-buggy on iOS. It kept losing focus when I was typing stuff in.

In case there was any doubt, Trump openly admires the most totalitarian socialist dictatorship in the world.

Just tried to move some crypto from one currency to another on Jaxx Wallet and was told I needed a ShapeShift account. I gave ShapeShift my spamtrap email address, and then they demanded my phone number! Like hell.

NYPD threatens bogus legal action against Google for disclosing the actions of its secret police. Cops that threaten people for exercising their rights have no legitimacy left.

Todd Starnes on Fox News wants Social Security cards to be national IDs required for gaining admission to government buildings. I haven't possessed a Socialist Insecurity Card in over 40 years.

Combine racism with "see something, say something," and it somehow becomes more acceptable.

Some interesting counterpoint on free speech on campus. I disagree with significant parts (for instance, why are threats to free speech less threatening when made by conservatives?), but it provides important perspectives. Not every college student is a pro-censorship "snowflake."

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