Howard Roark should have been more impressed by the Parthenon. It lasted for over 2,000 years before being largely destroyed in a battle.

Well, I found out. Somebody treated a fragile antique musical instrument like a toy, which made me cringe. Still, "sexually harassing" the flute??

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There's a big fuss on Twitter about someone playing an antique flute. Sometimes I just don't want to know.

The Washington Post has sacked Radley Balko. I've just subscribed to his Substack newsletter, the first time I've gotten a paid subscription. He's worth it.

Everyone talks about Fascism, but what is it exactly? In today's blog post I look at Mussolini's words.

That claim that about 18 million Americans have long COVID seems to be based on extrapolation from a survey of symptoms regardless of cause, not on diagnosis, combined with educated guessing about whether COVID could be suspected (not shown) as a cause. "Concentration difficulties, breathlessness, and fatigue" are very common and don't prove COVID as a cause.

Biden's version of "How many divisions does the Pope have?" is "How many electoral votes does Puerto Rico have?"

New book discussion on my blog: _Classified_ by David E. Bernstein. All about the crazy, unscientific ways the U.S. government treats race.

Much of the buzz I'm seeing around amounts to "Don't ban books that I like." For one, a quote from Jesus is appropriate: "Do not your enemies do the same?"

The index-finger salute to Trump reminds me of the "one way" gesture used by campus evangelists, where the one way is Jesus. If that's where it comes from, these people are equating Trump with Christ.

I mean, I'm fine with saluting Trump with one finger, it just would be a different finger.

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The index-finger salute is a new one to me and very disturbing. Anyone know anything more about it?

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I managed to lose the link to the article that was my primary source regarding the immigrants kidnapped to Martha's Vineyard. It's from the Miami Herald, generally regarded as left-center but factual.

There's one issue on which I flip-flop wildly: whether the left or right is worse. On Tuesday, I thought the Democrats were worse for cynically funding the most contemptible Republican candidates to improve their own chances of winning. Now the right's applauding the abduction of immigrants to use as political pawns makes it look worse. Next week the left will probably top it with something else.

LP drones are supporting their party's call for prosecuting teachers by claiming that teachers are "agents of the state."
This claim makes private school teachers AOTS; the LP tweet made no distinction, and there would be no distinction under whatever criminal law they claim applies.
It's interesting how they're spewing that line in lockstep, as if someone's feeding them directions on what to say.

Sigh ... The Hugo quote about "an idea whose time has come," like so many other famous "quotes," is made up.

A great way libertarians can stick it to DeSantis is to support the immigrants he's dumped in one of the most expensive places in the country. I just donated to Martha's Vineyard Community Services.

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For those who have a yen to support Ukrainians without going through a government, here is a thread on volunteer efforts that could use help.

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