Periodically review your browser permissions. I just discovered that a site I didn't recognize had access to my camera and microphone, as well as another which I no longer use.

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So everyone is agreeing that Fauci lied and the only disagreement is about his motives?

I don't have a bone in this fight. But until now the US Right was labeled as spreading misinformation when they claimed that Fauci was lying. Now Slate, a leftist publication, switching direction and saying that the US Right were tight all along...

Nothing is 100% safe. You could be hit by a car while going to get a shot. Here's an article that puts vaccine risks in perspective.

David Friedman on how to lie while telling the truth. His blog is almost always worth reading.

A new mural in Portsmouth, NH commemorates Ruth Blay, who was executed in colonial New Hampshire for the capital crime of concealing her child.

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Sometimes I wonder about half-forgotten fads of the past. Have teachers stopped trying to destroy their students' lives by reporting them to the police for sexting, or is it just not news any more?

In New Hampshire, the vaccination rate is so high and the COVID rate so low that it's easy to forget about states where lots of people are determined to get sick.

Interesting detail in this Baltimore Sun article on the Jan. 6 riot: It gives the cause of death, at least in broad terms, for everyone who died in connection with the event _except_ Brian Sicknick. Major news outlets spread the claim that he died of being hit by a thrown fire extinguisher, but it was ultimately ruled he died of natural causes.

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The YouTubers who blew the whistle on an anti-vax plot

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Police grab people and seize vehicles for voluntary interactions that harm no one. The NY Post brags that it encouraged these attacks, claims without evidence that the women arrested are "likely trafficking victims" so being prosecuted is for their own good.

Since Twitter has no software problems at all, its developers were so bored that they changed the login screen to look unfamiliar and break password managers.

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"Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its own existence. " Mapp v Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961)

Cops routinely access sealed arrest records in defiance of the law.

Fewer than half the people who go outside during thunderstorms get struck by lightning.

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WaPo's instructions to its headline writers must be "Spread panic!"

The headline: "Less than 1% of fully vaccinated people in D.C. have contracted coronavirus." Anything close to 1% would mean the vaccine is much less effective than previously believed. But the article begins: "Two hundred of the more than 375,000 D.C. residents who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus have tested positive." 1% would be 3,750.

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“Everyone I hate is a State Actor” is the new, “Everyone I hate is literally Hitler.”
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Sure, parents *say* they aren’t a state actor when they tell a kid to eat his vegetables, and yet the USDA also tells people to eat vegetables!

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