Someone pinch me and wake me up. Obamacare has been declared unconstitutional!!?
Unfortunately, there's no hope that the Supreme Court will let that stand.

Is the word "neoliberal" worth claiming by free-market advocates to distinguish us from the anti-freedom "liberals" of the left? Going by this article, probably not.

This piece shows how little some journalists understand economics. The authors' idea of investment strategy seems to be "buy high and sell low."

Well, this is something. The Senate has voted to stop funding the Saudi atrocities in Yemen. Whether it will get any further is another question.

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The Trump gov't put out a call, asking legal immigrants to sponsor some of the 1,000's of kids in cages. Desperate to help, 170 kind ppl stepped up, hoping to finally free the kid from captivity.

Turns out, it was a sting operation. Then came the arrests.

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Why govt may not punish:

The basic principle is that one may only use force against one who has initiated force and *only* in self-defense. In a proper govt's legal system, the degree of force it may use is limited by the confidence it has that force will serve self-defense. /1

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@torproject @gmcgath It's a good thing that Tor is open source; any such tampering would be quickly exposed. Though it might be a good idea for Tor users to compile the source on their own machines in case a binary distributor is coerced into adding a few "special" lines before compilation.

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In a crushing blow to digital rights, Australia has joined the UK in claiming the right to secretly compel tech companies to re-engineer software and hardware so it can be used to spy on their users.

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@gmcgath that's not a legitimate claim. I live in Texas and have a conceal carry license and I cannot use deadly force without proving my life or the life of another is in danger.

On , it's worth looking at the many contradictions in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It says people have the right to their property, but then says they have the right to "food, clothing, housing, ..." to a "free" education,etc." In other words, to the property of others.

Article 29 says that no one has a right to oppose the UN.

This badly conceived, self-serving document doesn't deserve the admiration it gets.

It's claimed that in Texas, you can legally shoot a trespasser to kill even if you aren't in danger, and that just thinking that a person is a trespasser is enough to get you off. This may be Amber Guyger's defense. I wonder how many other people get shot dead in Texas with no consequences to the killer because of that.

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Our 53 candidates elected to office in 2018 represents a marked increase from the 34 Libertarians elected in 2016.

Javert is back. Police in Paris have arrested nearly 1,000 tax protesters, deployed armored vehicles, and surrounded protesters with dogs.

People are starving and homeless in Yemen, but the prime minister's top priority is to get money to government employees.

On further thought, this person might have been trying to create the illusion of a Nazi threat where there wasn't any by drawing swastikas.

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