Libertarians should push hard for the abolition of the draft. Military slavery is at its most vulnerable now, but we need to take on the fake feminists who claim women have the "right" to be thrown in jail for refusing to comply, to be sent to wars they don't want to fight in, and to die in distant countries.

Just because I haven't in a while, here's a 50% off discount code for _The Magic Battery_ on Smashwords. The code is SY94X and is good through the end of September.

Interesting effect of my exile from Twitter: My writing productivity is way up.

The COVID situation challenges the notion that people don't inform themselves on issues because they've chosen to be "rationally ignorant." Weighing the information about masks, vaccines, etc. has a significant impact on their lives, yet a great many people are no better at weighing information about COVID than they are at evaluating presidential candidates. The problem runs deeper than rational ignorance. A lot of people just don't know how to think about complex issues.

A government that lets its officers commit arbitrary violence without regard for the law is nothing but a gang of thugs.

The Biden administration has outdone Trump, declaring that the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights contain "harmful language." Harmful to power-lusting politicians, that is.

Declaration of Independence:


Bill of Rights:

Google and Apple cooperate with Russian censors. Think about that when they talk about scanning the contents of your phone.

My FilkNews account is now "temporarily restricted" because of "some unusual activity." Twitter has made the account unfollow everyone it was following. I have to give it a phone number to get it back. Sure, I could give a Google Voice or Skype number, but the amount of lunacy I'm getting from Twitter is just not worth dealing with any more.

Yesterday as I entered Wal-Mart, a woman was handing out masks to people coming into the store. I sort of snapped at her, saying I already had a mask in my pocket and was vaccinated. But I should have remembered it wasn't her fault; she'd just been assigned an especially unpleasant job.

Twitter emails me every time I log in. No way I'm giving them my phone number to bombard with text messages.

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Twitter won't let me log into FilkNews without providing my phone number. My personal account is still under "appeal." I might as well just give up on Twitter at this point.

A zygote doesn't have a brain, limbs, thoughts, organs, or feelings, yet the religious right regards it as a "person" who is "murdered" when expelled from the body. At the same time, these people never shed a tear for the much larger number that naturally never come to term. They aren't pushing any medical research to save these millions of "babies."

Some people think they can tell, from a single position a person holds, not just that person's views on everything else but whether they litter the sidewalk and floss after meals. It's a remarkable ability.

It's much easier to form stereotypes of people than to find out what actually motivates them. Not only does it take less effort, it makes it possible to hate them without reservation.

It's curious that the people who say a fertilized ovum is a person don't hold funerals for their miscarriages or measure their age from their conception date.

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