Meatless Monday’s are immoral.

Watching Martin Landau in ‘Space: 1999’ on Amazon Prime. How is it possible that I have been unaware of this fantastic/absurd sci-fi show for my entire life?

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"Free people find unexpected solutions, and those who are not free find unexpected problems." - Ken Schoolland

Every time I turn on @Twitter, @KamalaHarris is the very first, non sponsored, tweet. I'm not saying that it's rigged, but I'm definitely saying Twitter may not be entirely honest with it's presentation of the timeline.

How to do that WITHOUT going full socialist:

1. Stop stealing people’s money by force. (Tax)

2. Stop attempting to give that stolen money BACK to . (“Returns”)

3. End the “war on drugs.”

4. That money will be w the original owners so u won’t have to bribe 4 votes.

My preferred form of government:


You are the absolute dictator of yourself.

RT It was mine to begin with, dumbass. Save the stamp and all the red tape and let me keep what I'VE worked hard for.

Who do you support for Libertarian National Committee chairman in 2020?

@mortified_penguin I just like that she seems to have integrity and doesn’t toe the party line (on everything). I wouldn’t vote for her, but I wouldn’t vote for Trump either.

@mortified_penguin you’re concerned that support comes from those areas? Are you implying that her policy prescriptions ate wrong because the right supports her?

🎥 plays a clip of Democrat 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard battling the co-hosts of "The View" over her appearing on Fox News.


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