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🎥@andrewklavan@twitter.com plays a clip of Democrat 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard battling the co-hosts of "The View" over her appearing on Fox News.

FULL VIDEO ==> youtube.com/watch?v=3t2OFnH_VE

Enjoying a shot of Jameson Caskmates, IPA Edition with Murray. Been taking this read littler by little each morning. About 100 pages in and realizing what a nerd I am.

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Thank you @AndrewYang@twitter.com for the work you’re doing both seen and unseen. Make America Think Harder.

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TULSI GABBARD nukes CNN and the New York Times to THEIR FACE for:

- Cheering on regime change in Syria

- Calling her a Russian asset


Spread the word! Tulsi is on fire. 🔥
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Too many people don’t know what’s in our Bill of Rights & Constitution. Hyper-partisan divides tear us apart. Let’s stand united to uphold freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. Our loyalty must be to the Constitution - not to any one person or political party.

So much yes.
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.@realDonaldTrump Despicable. Offering to place our military assets under the command of a foreign country—Saudi Arabia—is a disgrace and betrayal of my patriotic brothers and sisters in uniform and to our Constitution. We are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp.

I don’t even want to think of how ferocious a deadly bear might be!

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Fear is prevalent in society now. People are looking for some security and comfort. The government lulls us into believing their option is protecting us, when it’s actually taking away our liberties.

Holy shit, I love you. Can I have a job?
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My comments on the International day of recognition for human trafficking and slavery.
You will not like them.

Wow. The Hong Kong tear gas crew is pretty damn amazing.
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Truly awesome the way Hong Kongers deal with tear gas.


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