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Minimum Wage hikes are a direct, & violent financial attack on small business owners in Rural, poor areas of the country

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There are 1.1 MILLION children aborted every year

That is:

3,013 per day

125 per hour

2 every minute

Enough is enough.


When a member of Congress visits Area 51.
… or the other way around.

The life within the music resonates with our lives – in a very physical way but also with our memories, our desires, our aspirations.

We can be led to experience emotions in art but this can not be taught objectively in the way we teach science or mathematics.

Too many don’t even know this took place.
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A mother mourns beside the corpses of her five children during the Armenian Genocide, 1915

Just ordered a tri-tip burger, meat only, at Buckhorn BBQ. I specifically said “no bun, veggies, or sauce” but it just didn’t compute so they brought it on a bun. Lol

… developing that healthy microbiome.
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Child eats dirt during the Great Depression. See more images: cmore.pics/7HHUF

I’m a better man for having read this tweet.
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Kamala Harris owes Joe Biden reparations for owning him so hard at the debate

My first race in over a year! Getting back in shape. Folsom Firecracker 5K. @verotruesocial@twitter.com

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What to do with an international oversupply from grain production?
Convince world pop'n that there's a problem of consuming !
Fabulous referenced piece on the marketing of the anti-meat agenda & spin doctoring. Who's being conned?
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Just had a talk with my daughter about how state of federal law is one of the most patriotic things to be done this .

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