The major downside of unschooling is that all the other kids are in school, so socialization becomes an issue. Anyone else run into this with their unschooled kids?

Here is the interview now about Unstoppable Web, a new project on that could enable to re-launch!

Like Filecoin but on

Imagine uncensorable apps running on-chain on !

- marketplaces
- P2P exchanges (like localbitcoins)
- online stores (like Square)
- social networks Big Tech can't silence (unlike )

That's what Shomari Prince and I are building for the Bitcoin Unlimited CoinParty hackathon!


I was on the Green Market Agorist podcast recently and we had a great convo about the developing world and related topics

Give it a listen! I was fired up 🔥

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Some libertarians have insisted that Big Tech has every right to deplatform b/c of "free market capitalism." Remember, we don't have a free market. It's a market economy mixed with socialism. Gary Chartier called this out years ago Markets, Not Capitalism.

This "vaccine" is not a vaccine, it is genetic engineering. There is no weak or dead virus, but genetic instructions. Change my mind.

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I was just on the Bitcoin Cash 2020 Forkday Celebration conference call discussing and Media.
Thanks so much to everyone involved, @georgedonnelly for inviting me, and to @naomibrockwell for moderating!
You can watch it here:


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