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"The platform is simple; When elected, I will swear in, & sign one executive order: This EO will lay out the process for dissolving the fed gov't in a peaceful, orderly manner. With it, I will resign as POTUS to become “Custodian of the Fed'l Gov't.” The only thing I will do as POTUS before signing the EO is pardon everyone convicted under fed law for victimless crimes. The EO will appoint a head to each dept as “Custodians” who will carry out the plan.

Some agencies will be very easy to do away with, like those that perform only regulatory functions, like the Dept of Edu, or those that perform completely illegitimate functions, like the IRS.

Some Dept's, like Justice, Interior, & State, need to be handled carefully & in some ways, transferred to state govt's.

Nat'l Parks will be transferred to the states, kept intact except where split by state lines. US troops abroad will be immediately brought home in a responsible and orderly manner that does not endanger their lives. All foreign fedgov properties will be liquidated.

The offensive weaponry of the DoD will also be liquidated (while defensive weaponry and appropriate personnel will be apportioned to the states) & the funds will be used to create endowments for the newly privatized Dept of Veterans Affairs owned by veterans.

Remaining funds collected from the liquidation of fed assets that are not transferred to states including lands, facilities, & equip, will be given to the American people thru the now independent Social Security Admin.

Upon winning election, our transition team will immediately begin the rollout of a new, decentralized monetary system by which we can pay back the American people & fund the bankruptcy process of the fed gov't. Every American will be issued 1,000 'Americoins' by SS number.

Americoin will be a cryptocurrency that functions similar to Bitcoin. It will be the only currency accepted for the liquidation of fed assets.

An initial allocation, plus funds collected in the liquidation, will be used to fund the bankruptcy process. The remainder will go to the newly independent public trust formed from the SSA & will be paid back to the American people the same way that everyone is getting money from the SSA today until the funds run out.

Without your support, the inevitable collapse of the US Fed Gov't will not happen in a peaceful, orderly manner.

In one sense, the message of this campaign is, “We can do things the easy way, or the hard way.” The hard way is to keep our heads buried in the sand. The easy way is to apply a solution as big as the problem. However, there is no guarantee that the American people will choose the easy way. It’s quite possible that there will be a collapse before a critical mass of us see the light. We may have a widespread secession movement. Regardless of how the fed gov't comes to an end, I will run until it does."

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