Comfortability with a thing tends to cause the mind to be uncritical of it. Over time, that comfort may bring one to a point at which they can no longer defend their comfort with it through any means other than emotional attachment or unprincipled pragmatism.

People wouldn’t be so inclined to believe “conspiracy theories” if politicians and government officials actually told the truth every once in a while.

So I'll be a writer on this documentary. If anyone wants to help me get paid, feel free to share the link!

It'll be a documentary on the increasing brutality of American police, traced back to their roots, and through militarization, to the present.

Social media is good for connecting with like-minded people you wouldn’t otherwise encounter or get to know, but won’t replace the few true friends in your life. Don’t forget to build up those relationships continually. You’ll be glad you did when they need you or you need them.

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