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Did you miss our first-ever Twitch-only aftershow last week? Archive is available and we're doing another one this week. Details:

Thanksgiving online spend hits a record $3.7B, with mobile accounted for one-third of sales!

When average planned spending is adjusted for inflation to 1985 dollars, the average planned spending of $992 in 2018 would be worth $426!

You can catch FTL's Ian at about 3:15 in this detailed multi-report on Massachusetts' first day of legal recreational cannabis sales!

There is a statistic that has been widely quoted in the veteran community that highlights an estimated 22 veterans a day are committing suicide... This figure — 22 veterans a day commit suicide — comes from the VA’s 2012 Suicide Data Report.
A more recent study however, shows that "over nine years, there was not quite one veteran suicide a day.”

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