Here are some great investment related podcasts:

The MarketHuddle (@TheMarketHuddle) -

MacroVoices (@MacroVoices) -

The Grant Williams Podcast (@ttmygh) -

RealVision (@realvision) -

Top Traders Unplugged (@TopTradersLive) -

@evey Do you know of any good text based sources? Listening is painfully slow.

@h4890 Besides listening to these podcasts, I will very often follow the guest speakers they bring on to the shows on Twitter. Next best thing besides subscribing to one of their newsletters like

A few examples: @EPBResearch, @SuperMugatu, @JulietteJDI, @clkleinmonaco, @htsfhickey, @TaviCosta, @jam_croissant, @vol_christopher, @mtmalinen, @kevinmuir, and @profplum99.

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