Can anyone here recommend a few good books on marketing?

Ascending triangle on the 4hr chart with bullish OBV...

I'm in a ton of meetings everyday and I'm always looking for tools to optimize time. Calendly ( has been a huge help in helping me schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.

Another meeting related app that has been equally help but that you may be less familiar with is called Fellow.

Fellow ( is a meeting workspace for teams who want to organize their team meetings, 1-on-1s, notes, action items, and feedback – all in one place.

Here are some great investment related podcasts:

The MarketHuddle (@TheMarketHuddle) -

MacroVoices (@MacroVoices) -

The Grant Williams Podcast (@ttmygh) -

RealVision (@realvision) -

Top Traders Unplugged (@TopTradersLive) -

I'm sure this has been said many times before, but ultimately the success of any alternative social network will be a result of the people on that network and the quality/value of the content they post to it. I believe it's less about the software and more about the people and the time they invest into posting quality content.

Yesterday, I thought I'd take crack at giving Mastodon - another try. Two quick tips for Twitter users:

1) Install Birdsite - so you can cross post to Twitter & Mastodon

2) Use Twidere - so you can see both your Twitter feed and Mastodon feed mixed in together

At least for me, this is a good transitionary step.

Trying to set time limits for myself when it comes to social media... often feel like I've squandered valuable time scrolling through the feeds.

"Once all Americans could recite basic information about race riots and redlining, then somehow, wealthy and influential people would open the financial floodgates and heal black America? In most other contexts, one is to dismiss cynically the possibility of this ever happening, since whites, as the thinking goes, are determined to hold on to their privilege. How would a national history lesson or conversation change that?"

If Third Wave Antiracism were really a political program, it would focus much more readily on making change from the grassroots on up; the psychological cleansing would feel like a prelude cherished by a few but best gotten past as quickly as possible. The idea that political work must be preceded by a massive mental overhaul of the nation is not self-standingly obvious. It is a tragically fragile proposition that reveals TWA as in essence not politics but Sunday school.


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