@CKonway Oh my gosh... you're kidding... trafficking?!?!?! That is horrible! Glad they'll get justice though, but jeez.

@Solipsis69 πŸ˜‚ Such a smartie. Bet he's still on Fuckbook though.

I'm extremely bummed that the sign up page for gab is dead. I can't even comment on any posts from gab people. πŸ˜’

@liberdon Hi Liberdon Admin. I just joined yesterday, and I wanted to be on "gab.com" but it put me on "liberdon.com" instead. I don't know how to change it to gab. Can you help me?

@a Hi Andrew Torba. I'm sorry to jump in on your post but I'm sorta lost. I tried to set up an account on gab but it put me on "liberdon" instead. I want to be on gab, not liberdon. Can you help me?

@gwwells123 @PatriotKAG Ok, thanks. Sounds good, but I'd really rather my handle was @gab.com, not @liberdon.com.

@gwwells123 @PatriotKAG Yes. I just set up the account last night. But I was looking for "gab" and somehow ended up on "liberdon."

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