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Bolivia President @evoespueblo: “We strongly condemn the detention of Julian Assange and the violation of freedom of speech. Our solidarity is with Assange who is persecuted by the US Govt for revealing its human rights violations, murders of civilians and diplomatic espionage”

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I am pissed. I wouldn't dare write this on Facebook or any other social medium which cooperates with the US government. They took him. Julian Assange was arrested by British police. What a shit thing to wake up to in the morning. British police can go to hell. "Fuck every cop who ever did his job." If you know folk-punk you know the quote. The US government is criminal. The UK government is criminal. The Ecuador government are pussies.

Well I certainly learned how NOT to post on here. Damn the length limit.

So if you can kill a mosquito in equanimity, then do so. If you are all concerned for the mosquito and you mind is filled with worries about this, then you may not kill the mosquito.

See, it's not about the mosquitos. It's about your mind. If your mind intends harm, then it is dirtied by that intention. Buddhism is not a Green Party or PETA project to save all the animals. It is about silencing the mind and waking up. Sex and murder usually make the mind seethe with negative mindstuff. So monks are instructed to avoid both.

For the next mile the student's mind was boiling with questions. What could this mean? The master is forbidden to touch a woman! Why did he violate the rule?
Finally he burst out: "Master, we are forbidden to touch women, yet you picked her up and carried her! I don't understand!"
"I deposited that girl on the river bank a mile behind us." the master replied. "Why are you still carrying her?"

Monks are forbidden to have any relations with women, even touching them is forbidden.

Without a word, the master scooped up the young woman in his arms and carried her across to the other side. She thanked him and happily went on her way up a side path. The master and his student continued down the main road.

Answer: There is a chan (Zen in China) story which answers your question.
Late one spring a master and his student were traveling. Walking along they came to a small, fast river from the mountains above. Standing on the edge of the river and obviously wanting to cross was a beautiful young woman. The water was much to fast for her slender frame to resist, so she was trapped on the near side.

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