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@doctorow You didn't read the book, and assumed the movie reflected the book's contents.

@doctorow That's not accurate. Starship Troopers has women, and the main character, Johnny Rico, is a Filipino.

Anna Ardin is a liar and a tool of the American government. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!

Chelsea Manning should flee the country.

@reuters_worldnews Is there some reason we shouldn't know who the 'rebels' are? The article doesn't say. That omission points to the Reuters article being slanted.

Voluntaryist patch on the Constitution:

All new taxes and tax increases should be voted on by the public.

Those who vote for them, pay the tax. Those who vote no, do not pay the tax.

@conor Don't know. I just block them individually.

@schestowitz He should upload all wrong passwords to the cloud.

@AtlasFreeman @kanuuker Just saw an update that they found the problem and are working on the backlog.

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The issue with the Liberdon timeline not updating has been identified. The backlog is currently being processed but will take another number of hours to catch up completely. Thanks for your patience.

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