Spent the last 10 minutes muting bots. Hey! Look! Actual people on here!

Why have bots taken over my federated timeline? I want to see people.

Overposting bots will be muted. Settle down!

@LWFlouisa Both right and left use extreme polarization as a method to keep the minds of 'their' people under their control. It's mind control. It's owning the thoughts an ideas of people.

Not that I miss them, but the Gab people seem to have vanished. Did they all get banned/blocked? What went down? :)

As a test I just reported two anti-white posts on Facebook as racist. Facebook did what I expected: allowed them as not against community standards.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a racist. Racism is stupid. But I object to it being allowed against one group, while banned against others. Facebook can kindly bite me.

@ericdondero not familiar. I'll check it out. For now I'm back to bed. I have a cold. No, not covid-19, just a cold. ;-)


@ericdondero Years ago I read a translation of a Chinese paper which said that the Chinese were descended from Erectus. Of course it isn't unique, as there's been plenty of mixing.

@ericdondero I don't know if it's politically incorrect. But it's outside the pale; and any professional who takes a stand outside of groupthink would get jumped on by their peers.

@ericdondero My take on Genus Homo is that the various species names are unnecessary. Erectus, Neandertal and Sapiens are all humans and interbred. They are all subtypes of one species.

@ericdondero I've never been active in the party. I vote Libertarian of course. :)

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