@vantablack Neither. You should be Misanthropic Drunken Loner.

@judgedread What happened? I haven't heard/seen.

I've just been blocking on an individual basis. Are they out of the fediverse finally?

@alexa The instance I am on allows muting without blocking, which is what you want. Yours doesn't?

@mortified_penguin I don't see any Gab people this morning. Did Liberdon block them, or the whole Fediverse?

@fnn I got online this morning and do not see any Gab postings. Did it happen? Is Gab blocked?

@mortified_penguin I've been muting many of them, but on an individual basis. Some are okay and tolerable, such as well intentioned Christian conservatives. But yeah, the haters screaming about Jews and Muslims are out of here.

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@TheSpeedwagonPriest Unfamiliar with the term: what are "Wrong Traditionalists"?

@tasnyx Didn't all those Seth books indicate that, about one person reincarnating all over time and space?

Does anyone know what happened to thepirate.party on Diaspora?

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