I can't believe it's monkey pox season already.

I still have my covid decorations up.

Fun fun fun: A David Attenborough parody narrating the end of life cycle of Russian tanks. youtube.com/watch?v=gLFbwH_SgJ

So do the refugees fleeing Twitter and coming here understand that Mastodon is already free of partisan censorship?

I have forgotten my mask and my face was in it. -K. Patchen

Facebook feed is down. Are the Russians retaliating?

A friend sent me this image from his phone. The Facebook covid warning on it does not show up for me to see. As you can see there is absolutely no mention of anything having to do with Facebook's program of suppressing information that might implicate governments and corporations in a mass murder caused by the escape of a dangerous virus from a Chinese lab, and funded from the USA.

Facebook is very dirty and should be broken up, Ma Bell style.

Bugger Community Awards. Who do Facebook think they are, China?

China knew. They effin' knew and didn't tell anyone. When did the first news come out, was it Oct or Nov? They knew for 5 or 6 months and didn't tell.

Belief systems are for believers. Believers are idiots, and disbelievers are idiots too. Never believe.

MeWe: Idiots or something sinister?
I just got kicked off MeWe with a page telling me my browser is not supported. It was supported two days ago.
Are they that dumb that they want to exclude membership, or is my previous guess correct, that MeWe exists as a fake social network intended to keep people on Facebook by default (no viable alternative)?

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