Okay, which one of you crashed Facebook, lol? :)

Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify before a grand jury about Wikileaks.

ffs, the government is just a big bully.

Giant herds of confirmation biases gallop feckless across these fruited plains.
Boundless bounding NPCs abound.
Polarization complete.

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@edawson Slow, maybe, but surely not a nightmare! One thing I like about liberdon is that even though we have widely differing views, we generally don't beat up on one another. (At least not in public. :)) Twitter is another story altogether....

Trying to find friends on here is a nightmare. :(

Does Mastodon have a means of creating groups?


Liberdon is a Mastodon instance for libertarians, ancaps, anarchists, voluntaryists, agorists, etc to sound off without fear of reprisal from jack or zuck. It was created in the wake of the Great Twitter Cullings of 2018, when a number of prominent libertarian accounts were suspended or banned.

Mastodon is a decentralized "federation" of community-run Mastodon servers which are part of an even greater federation called "the Fediverse". No matter how many users are on the instance you join, you can still follow and interact with the millions of users on any other instance throughout the Fediverse!

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