Spent the last 10 minutes muting bots. Hey! Look! Actual people on here!

Why have bots taken over my federated timeline? I want to see people.

Overposting bots will be muted. Settle down!

Not that I miss them, but the Gab people seem to have vanished. Did they all get banned/blocked? What went down? :)

As a test I just reported two anti-white posts on Facebook as racist. Facebook did what I expected: allowed them as not against community standards.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a racist. Racism is stupid. But I object to it being allowed against one group, while banned against others. Facebook can kindly bite me.

It's Stupor Tuesday. I voted Hornberger.

AND . . . it loaded on Safari, after weeks of nada.

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I can't get onto the page with the timelines on my Safari browser? I can with Firefox. What happened?

If you overpost (same message 10 times) I will mute you.

It appears that Michael Bloomberg wants to turn the entire country into New York City -- whether it wants to be or not. Just keep shredding the constitution, right? Ugh.

I get online this morning and Mastodon Users shows 13,250 new accounts in the last day. What the hell is going on? Anyone know?

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is youtube way better for music discovery than spotify or is it just me

there's less algorithms doing the work for you but i always just get better stuff
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