Got an idea how to bring some anarchy to mmorpg , specifically to (mobile version of ) as corporation. Governance model is derived from DASH cryptocurrency and performed by voting (like/dislike) over 3 types of proposals: (1) treasury spending, (2) members online time spending, (3) mixed. Getting more dislikes then likes means rejected. To become active, proposal should get to the top which fits monthly budget or get enough members enlisted. Both for 3rd type

Did you know that has one of the most free areas in the world? The islands of is a free economic zone, all roads are private, there are no restrictions on foreigners migrating in, and hence no visa requirement, no forced government run care or nursing services are available, nor is welfare payment available. Everybody can live and work in Svalbard indefinitely regardless of citizenship. The Governor of Svalbard also recommends having firearms with you.

@amerika Slavs are very different, in fact. Polish and Czechs are very conservative. After Kanye getting US presidency, Trump could make a run for Polish and win ))

Is civil war in America inevitable?

@AtlasFreeman for now, they do not have dns. it resolves only ipv6 addresses

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If only those who want to tear down monuments to slavery had their eyes open to goonerment goonsquad tyranny...

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@IcyGrillz covid graphs actually depends on how many tests performed. So you could blame Trump, he is in charge of it)

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