"Caring for the environment" - is the top of the left ideology. To gain power you need to make people guilty. And if Marxism blames only the bourgeoisie, “fighters for the rights of races” only whites, feminists only men, fighters with money laundering spoil life only for those who even have money - then green leftists blame everybody who lives in conditions of modern civilization and at least somehow consuming its benefits.
(с) Yaroslav Sydorchykov

So person who believe in / bears moral responsibility for every murder made by commie

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Another Anarchist Running For President - Kim Ruff Anarchast Ep.472 Topics include: getting involved in politics as an Anarchist, waking people up, the left right fallacy, many ways to attack the statist leviathan, inside the Libertarian party, how the candidate is selected, the tragedy and deception of the US war machine, the possibility of real [...]

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Definition of fascism in is the exact description of any state ever existed. Why did they call it at the beginning of the article?

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If you ever wanted to listen to Austrian Economics metal proclaiming that , this guy has you covered.


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And, again, have no doubt. The next natural step, for #tusky, would be to list and report all those that try to connect to #gab. After all, they can only be fascists.
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You've been warned people. Quick! Look behind your shoulder! The Tusky Gestapo is watching you.
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Anarchast Ep.467 Topics include: Anarchocapitalism and law, freedom and new countries, democracy produces bad policies, the realities of seasteading, what happened in Thailand, the reasons for the apparent overreaction from Thai authorities, seasteaders still in hiding, accused of treason, seasteaders were only testing a new structure, the surrounding publicity, general developments in seasteading, concepts in [...]

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