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Kick terrorussia from UN

With the current #UN Membership, #russia is neither a part of the council nor a member. russia is the only country which did not go through the procedure of being admitted into the UN, according to Article 4.

According to Article 23 of the UN charter, russia is not a permanent member of the UN Security Council!

The UN’s current charter says that the Soviet Union still exists, while russia is not mentioned altogether.

We ask António #Guterres and UN DGACM to provide the documents, according to which, russia takes place in the UN. In the absence of such documents, the procedure for russia's accession to the UN in accordance with Article 4 should be initiated. The article clearly states that only a peace-loving country can be admitted to the UN, which is impossible until the end of russian aggression against #Ukraine.

Such a course of action would remove russia's UN veto power, which blocks many peaceful resolutions, and restore peace and order to the international community.

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Watch the #Putinistas turn into atheist liberals when they learn that #Ukraine is more #Christian than #Russia, and Russian women have twice as many abortions.

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Turkey detains #Russia ship with grain stolen from #Ukraine. The ship left from Russian port of Novorossiysk, then sailed to the Azov sea, where it switched off its GPS tracking as it went to the occupied port of Berdyansk. Later it reappeared on Black Sea sailing likely to Syria where it planned to sell the stolen grain.

No idea what does it mean but I like the picture

Paul Massaro: We have a Russia problem, not a Putin problem
Random westerner : this is a wrong statement. let‘s not generalize
Random orc :

Human jaw on the street of . Sure sign that orcs are around

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The free market is full of liars, scammers, and thieves.

With government it's the same except you can't just ignore them or you go to prison.

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