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This is precisely how the Amsterdam stock exchange started

Via @wallstmemes

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Ukraine is a real country where millions of actual people live. It is not an "empty no man's land" somewhere in-between "the West" and "Russia".

All of Russia's rhetoric is as if the world consisted of only Russia and the US (maybe China too). Everyone else is just "territories".

It feels weird and angry to be in this situation when whether your country will continue to exist is being decided by other people.

In the same time I feel lucky we're close to Europe and thus more...relevant?


So, there is actually a risk, that tower could be a reason of a dick growing on your head

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Bravo Denmark
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"We Failed"

One of the largest newspapers in Denmark is apologizing for its journalistic failure during COVID-19 by only publishing official government messages without questioning them. Via @Niemandsknecht

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We're living through a pandemic of bureaucracy.

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