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I wish governments were a bit more clear about what exactly they want to allow us to do.
And perhaps put a price list for the bribes (permit/lobbying/tax) to be allowed to do something not on the list.

Perhaps a website with some dropdown menus and a simple payment processor.

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How is the worst sci-fi writer ever?

I heard Bernie is holding a rally to the people in about the greatness of .

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This is what people don't get: smaller states don't have minorities and majority rules eradicating them.
Too much 19th century thinking.
Actually France wanted Germany to be fragmented in 1945; they thought a Federation would be "weak". …

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9:19 AM - 17 Aug 2019

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Classifying psychology as "science" reminds me of the Reagan Administration's classification of Ketchup in school cafeterias as "vegetable".
We need to declassify.

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