Within a week of the stock market crashing, all talk of vaccines, masks, and COVID will disappear as if they all never happened.
Apparently, the mRNA vaccines can cause psychosis and make you suicidal, worth noting that both mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) are the primary vaccines in the US with tens of millions of more doses taken than Johnson and Johnson, which has not reported any significant preponderance of psychotic episodes.

If I had to guess why, it would be because J&J's spike proteins are largely localized in the injection site (your arm), whereas the ones produced by the mRNA shot go all throughout your bloodstream, these spike proteins attack your heart, lungs, reproductive organs, and most importantly to this example, they can attack your brain. This would explain why it makes people hallucinate and go insane, because it's giving them brain damage. What a wonderful product, I'm so glad Trump protected them from lawsuits.



I think this is just their political goal. They fired Brendan Eich for supporting traditional marriage.

@PaterSnape what is mozilla’s aim weighing in on this? this will only result in less people supporting them or using their products. they could just stfu and keep working on their products or services.

“Haha what do you mean there’s been a pandemic going on for over a year? I think we would have all seen people dying in the streets if that were the case. ‘Corona’? You mean like the rays of the sun I tan my balls with? Hahaha you’re something else. How DO you come up with this stuff?”

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A pandemic so deadly that it killed 0.04% of the world population.

A virus so lethal that 95% of those it kills are over the age of 60.

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This is a few days old, so may have already made the rounds here, but I didn't see it.
So here it is (again?)

Soo I’m seeing a lot of news stories fluff up the soccer player injury today on live TV. Christian Eriksen did not “pass out” on the field. He died. There is clear video evidence they used a defibrillator on him on the field! Just 12 days after his second dose.


All the bullshit they have used to separate and silence us, will be the reason we rise up together against them.

>Ross has been put in the SHU (aka "the hole") after a recorded interview he did over the phone with
was broadcasted at
this weekend.

>Please keep Ross in your thoughts & prayers.

>You can hear Ross speak here:


Obligatory use of masks is the dumbest thing ever, this was not supposed to even exist. EVER.

I'm amazed how people just accepted that, without questioning.

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The Venezuelan #Bolivar has turned into a near worthless piece of paper.

This is what happens in hyperinflation...

If we are already at the stage where they are openly admitting that it's going to get bad, then things are worse than I thought.

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