With COVID passport, white people can finally understand how "show me your papers" works.

I thought COVID passport hurts people's privacy and human rights but now I think differently. Use a non-digital passport and keep it off of public eyes and you're good. And for traveling, you are forced to obey limitations anyway so that doesn't really violate your rights more than it is now.



You seem smart for a communist then you go and toot shit like this




Collectivists are all commies, you are an Ancom, no?

@doktorzhivago I do believe inmany stuff communism believes in but to call myself a communist, I need to be more radical than I am. I can call myself a libertarian socialist (anarchist socialist) but not an ancom.


That is an oxymoron

"No rulers but with a State-directed economy"

@doktorzhivago no, no rulers with an economy handled by society and syndications.

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