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@Zenn_brown @doktorzhivago Sure, but if normies think Big Tech's censorship is okay (most do), there's no point in switching to uncensored alternatives for them. This prevents alternatives from growing to become a real threat to the hegemony.

Anyone know what the state of the art for app notification with might be?

Asking for a friend

Linus Torvalds Says Rust Closer for Linux Kernel Development
Calls C++ 'A Crap Language'

Google's Android team is helping evaluate Rust for Linux kernel development.

Hopes are that "New code written in Rust has a reduced risk of memory safety bugs, data races and logic bugs overall," that "abstractions that are easier to reason about," and "More people get involved overall in developing the kernel, thanks to the usage of a modern language."

MO: #DotardHack #DotardNews

Utah Senator Mike Lee reintroduced a bill to ease restrictions on gun suppressors. About the same time, Senate Democrats reintroduced a measure banning them. Which of the two will become law?

A Gallery Owner was arrested after leaving a 10-Foot Heroin Spoon Sculpture outside OxyContin maker purdue pharma

I tip my cap

What are Armadillo eggs ?

Blanched jalapenos , 8ct, 12-15 minutes to avoid splitting. Stuffed with cream cheese. Wrap with a blend of
2lbs 50/50 hamburger and ground pork. Wrap in bacon and chill a few hours or over night. Throw in the smoker (230°) on top rack for 45 -60 rotating a few times.

Every time you wear a mask a fascist earns his boots

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Like in the sovereign individual, they now have a formula of just how far they can push the population before most even bothers complaining.

Wait for the CBDC trials in EU for a sample of what’s to come.

@TheMadPirate Sometimes major events or changes in someone's life can trigger a fundamental shit in thinking too. For me it was the events in the Dem primary leading up to the 2016 election, believe it or not I was a Bernie-crat for a long time. The Dems transparently cheating him in 2016 and Trump subsequently winning made me re-evaluate my whole political viewpoint, and made me realize that the Dems were not my friends. I became more open to other viewpoints I would have had confirmation bias, realized how corrupt and warmongering the establishment left (and right) really were, soon enough I was a fully converted Libertarian and ultimately rejected Bernie's viewpoint too with the rest of the modern left and neo-con right.
I've head of a lot of people with similar stories, sometimes people just need something to act as that little kick that wakes them up.

4/ “Bitcoin isn’t about getting your money out of your country. It’s about getting your country out of your money.” - Farbood

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3/ Many people fear the changes #Bitcoin will bring. I think only authoritarian leaders have to be scared, it takes their power away shifting from a top-level hierarchy to a set of mathematical rules that can’t be corrupted.

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FYI: The First US Coin In Circulation, The Fugio Cent Designed By Benjamin Franklin, Said "Mind Your Business" Instead Of "God We Trust"
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Too many people have forgotten how to mind their own business.

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