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Looks more and more likely that elon is just lucky, not very bright

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Apr 3, 2020
The higher you go the more incompetence/reckelessness (with small exceptions). If this virus ever teaches anything, it is localism.

Your family
Your town
Your region/county/state
Federal Gov: CDC

The elites despise you.

Executives at one of the US’s largest drug distributors circulated rhymes and emails mocking “hillbillies” who became addicted to opioid painkillers even as the company poured hundreds of millions of pills into parts of Appalachia at the heart of America’s opioid epidemic.

This entire fucking episode of CoVaids is going to go down in history as fucking dumber and more retarded than the Salem Witch Trials

All of this will be seen as a pathetic attempt at political machinations, a psychological experiment, which is how thinking people see it *now*

The simple strategy of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) into #Bitcoin via recurring purchases & HODLing it through a full 4-year cycle sounds risky to some

...but in reality, it has by far the best 4-year risk-adjusted returns (Sharpe Ratio) of any asset class over the past decade 🥇

Or the chance of dying from Covid-19 (formerly known as the Flu)


WHO: 0.15% globally, which is almost the same as the average Flu season. In their statistics the Flu has almost completely disappeared. 🤔

Compared to all the risks of dying from other things, this is absolute peanuts, but apearantly enough to lock everyone up. It's amazing how totally unjustified fear can do crazy things with the brain.

If you’ve been vaccinated CONGRATS! You get a gold star. Make sure you wear it proudly to let others know you’ve obeyed

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