When it comes to addressing the popularization of socialism, the radicalization of academia is the lynchpin issue. If we could succeed in reversing that tsunami, many dominoes would fall. | Alexander Zubatov mises.org/wire/4-reasons-why-s …

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If you took every cent from every billionaire in America, it would only fund our government for about 6 months. If that isn't proof that we have a spending problem and not a tax problem, I don't know what is 🤬 #TaxationIsTheft

I had an idea. Hear me out. Assuming that we cannot rid ourselves of taxation or the welfare/warfare state and that is going to be the way of things. We institute a change where the states are required to pay the federal government by any means it sees fit monies for services to be done by the feds. Would help some states and hurt others but would give a state a hold out card for things they REALLY didn't like.


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