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Christ on a cracker, this goddamn cross just ended on an absolute barn burning.

Bruh, she straight up cranked the saturation on a pic to make it look like she's hurt. She says the pics are different, but they 100% are not. They overlay perfectly.

The worst part is, they didn't nail her on this, and I don't think they left it up long enough for the jury to catch on.

"You're the one who assaulted someone with a bottle in Australia, aren't you, Ms. Heard?"

Good fucking line. Take her head off, Camille.

It is a bad idea for Amber to lead the jury to believe that her legal team is refusing to use evidence the thinks is good for her.
All that makes me think is that the evidence is actually very bad for your case, and that makes me wonder what games you've been playing.

GF: "Uhh, what's in the oven?"

Me: "A Glock 19."

GF: "... Why is there a Glock in the oven?"

getting the nozzle juuust the right height for that first layer and not letting the cat sit on the bed toooo much while printing really helped me.
I angrily threaten to burn things down and chop off heads all the time so not really that upset when pro abortion people do it.

If it takes 6 hours or 60 hours, I will solve the overhang problem.

I need to either slow down or speed up walls.
I get a lot of curling on thin, steep overhang layers that lead to stuff like this.
Need to do a couple of overhang test prints at different settings.

Took just under 7 minutes to remove the supports.
The tradeoff there is that the underside is a little dirty. Nothing a soldering iron can't smooth out.

You're mad at Alito because he wants to overturn Roe.

I'm mad at Alito because he continually shits all over Lochner.

We are not the same.

This kind of thing is what happens when you rest decades of legal precedent on a shithouse decision like Roe.

Think what you want about its effects, even Ginsburg knew the legal reasoning in Roe was dogshit.

Post-reconstruction SCOTUS jurisprudence is a house of fucking cards.

Just recorded a 2.5 hr long episode with @deanofiles and thought it came out really great! Look for that in two weeks!

None of the mainstream motherfuckers are gonna give you this kind of context Re: the Dobbs leak.

Because they don't know anything.

Be smarter than your friends, know legal history.

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