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"You are presumed innocent until proven guilty... unless you don't have some arbitrary amount of cash on hand, in which case you will remain in a cage until your 'speedy' trial happens in a year."

"Oops, did I say a year? Sorry the DA is on vacation, so we had to push your trial back another six months.


Oh, no, of course you don't get out of jail in the meantime. What do you think the ransom is for?"

"Bail reform means letting known violent criminals out of jail on low bail."
No, you retard, bail reform means honoring the presumption of innocence for non-violent defendants, especially those without a history of violent behavior.
The cash bail system is kidnapping for ransom. If you do not see this, you do not believe in the presumption of innocence.

All it took was some dude driving into a parade to make the Twitter conservatives drop their concern for criminal justice reform and start blaming bail reform for something that did not happen as a result of bail reform.
"Bail reform means letting people who are known bail jumpers out of jail on low bail."
No, you fucking idiot.

Early day. No verdict. I've been saying 70% chance they're hung. Raise that to 85%. The jury asked to break early, they're sick of each other.

The "judicial bias" spin is bullshit, from morons, for retards.

Look at the actual results of the motions and objections that have been made. Every time the prosecution tramples the defendant's constitutional rights, Schroeder yells at them and then gives them whatever they want.

"THIS BETTER NOT CONTINUE! Please, continue."

Hey, Dropbox users, is it possible to pull down a preview video from Dropbox instead of the video that is actually there?

Its the only way the video being the wrong resolution could have happened and it be the defense's fault.

Never forget "without being molested by the likes of Mr. Rosenbaum."

"Guns don't have handedness."

God, I really fucking wish Krause was online, I want to bully him SO BAD!

"We've all taken a beating sometimes" is literally not true. Its the kind of thing the bullied fat kid says, not a regular person. I'd be willing to bet a majority of people, and of that jury, do not identify with that statement.

The prosecution literally hates themselves and their case.

Rackets, Barnes, and others were, of course, correct.
The law provides an explicit exception for 16 and 17 year olds carrying long guns. As soon as the prosecution conceded 's rifle was a long gun, the dismissal was appropriate under the law.

I've been hammering the morons on Birdsite for days, but I want to be clear:

I do not give a fuck about Kyle.

I care about self defense, I care about accurate representations of law and fact, I care about political prosecutions as the state's weapons.

I care that cases with much, much worse (for the defendant) facts get passed over by prosecutors all the time at the mere whiff of a solid self defense claim. That didn't happen here, because this is political.

That's what I care about.

Someone needs to let Binger know that, if he can't drown in his own shit without violating the constitution, HE SHOULD STOP SHITTING.

The "active shooter" narrative is relevant only insofar as the prosecution is presenting it as a red herring for the jury.
Whether others had justifiable fear that Rit. was a threat does not speak to any element of Rit.'s defense, or of the charges against him.

Its a method by which the state can argue that beating him with a skateboard and pulling a gun on him was justified. It'd be a great defense in those people's cases.

It isn't relevant to this one.

Rittenhouse Trial Day 8 - Wednesday 11/10 at 8:45 AM central:

Come watch for the best live coverage available of this amazing trial. Tons of lawyer commentary, jokes, and analysis. Why watch anywhere else?!

Lotta talk about the guy who said the prosecution asked him to change his statement. But fuck that guy.

The ME is the fucking killer. He established that Rosenbaum's hand was practically wrapped around the barrel of the gun when Rittenhouse fired.

The pinkie was beyond the plane of the muzzle. The bullet entered between the middle and index finger. The ME stated that the entrance wound must be within inches of, if not touching, the muzzle.

That hand is practically grabbing the gun.

If you're confused by what you're seeing with the conversation around CRT, its called "pleading in the alternative."
Racehorse Haynes explained it in the attached image.

"Say you vote me out because you claim CRT is taught in schools. Well now, here is my defense: CRT isn't taught in schools. Second, in the alternative, CRT is only taught in universities. And third, CRT is only taught in law schools. And fourth, CRT doesn't exist."

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