"Do you want to build a server,
Out of old Optiplex machines?
Just print a front drive bay converter,
'Cause no one uses DVDs."

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I'm sure you're all wondering what Title III (passed in the house, not likely to pass in the senate) would functionally accomplish. Here it is, in 4 pics. (Incomplete) explainer to follow. None of this is legal advice.

Bruh, she straight up cranked the saturation on a pic to make it look like she's hurt. She says the pics are different, but they 100% are not. They overlay perfectly.

The worst part is, they didn't nail her on this, and I don't think they left it up long enough for the jury to catch on.

If it takes 6 hours or 60 hours, I will solve the overhang problem.

I need to either slow down or speed up walls.
I get a lot of curling on thin, steep overhang layers that lead to stuff like this.
Need to do a couple of overhang test prints at different settings.

Took just under 7 minutes to remove the supports.
The tradeoff there is that the underside is a little dirty. Nothing a soldering iron can't smooth out.

None of the mainstream motherfuckers are gonna give you this kind of context Re: the Dobbs leak.

Because they don't know anything.

Be smarter than your friends, know legal history.


#30 X/6 (96%)

We've gotta come up with some new icons to clutter dual SIM status bar. We could just have one of each logo, and a small 1 and 2 next to it stacked one atop the other, but why would we do that?

If you're confused by what you're seeing with the conversation around CRT, its called "pleading in the alternative."
Racehorse Haynes explained it in the attached image.

"Say you vote me out because you claim CRT is taught in schools. Well now, here is my defense: CRT isn't taught in schools. Second, in the alternative, CRT is only taught in universities. And third, CRT is only taught in law schools. And fourth, CRT doesn't exist."

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