If you care about defendant's rights, prosecutorial misconduct, and criminal justice reform, this is the bad ending to this case.

NB4 "why are you simping for a cop"

I'm not. She's a defendant, accused of breaking the law. The prosecutors knew this was a bad case.
I don't care who they're prosecuting, my expectations for the state do not change.

@deanofiles Who was convicted? I feel a little proud and a lot guilty I don’t even know what case you’re talking about.

@ademan Kim Potter. "Taser Taser Taser."
She absolutely did not commit reckless homicide, the element of conscious disregard was not met, but the jury found her guilty, anyway. Largely, IMO, because the prosecution lied to the jury about the law.

@ademan yeah. The consciousness element wasn't met, but the prosecution basically told the jury its regular negligence, which requires a different mens rea.


“Involuntary manslaughter in Minnesota is called manslaughter in the second degree (or second degree manslaughter). This charge covers situations where a person’s negligence created an unreasonable risk or where a person consciously took a chance resulting in the death of a person.”

Obviously this site isn’t authoritative, but is it possible the scope of the law has been broadened by case law?

@ademan naw, there's no case law that turns recklessness into simple negligence.

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