Dean-O-Files #95 is out NOW on AIR and will hit your podcatchers soon!

Is “capitalism” a useful word(?), news that ISN’T Covid-19, massive privacy concerns, Johns Hopkins speaks, and fear claims a western democracy. All that, and more!

Free expression under attack, privacy under fire, security under threat, Brexit under way, SESTA-FOSTA under legal scrutiny, and johns under prostitutes.

The new Dean-O-Files is up NOW on AIR and will hit your podcatchers soon!

On Saturday, we saw that we need better, more solid comms that aren't centrally controlled.
That's why I made

Encrypted communications for anarchists, libertarians, and boys alike.
RT for visibility and growth, plx.

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(I'm being a dick and playing Christmas music before thanksgiving😄)

Dean-O-Files #79 is up on AIR and soon in your favorite podcatcher!
In this episode, the physical embodiment of Free Speech dons a trench coat and literally murders us all.
Or so I've been told.


Self-identification, speech we don’t like, Mega City 3’s cops, VAPE NAYSH, and how to get away with sexual violence (hint: have a badge). All this, and more, on this episode of Dean-O-Files!
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Episode 68 pre-show is live at, podcast starts in ~10 minutes. Come listen to us and special guest @Grizzlyguygames
discuss our favorite anime!

I spoke too soon! It looks like Chris the Kiwi lost $10 immediately after the wager was made. $90 and 6 days to go!

Cops accessing your data, the Citizens United killer, a sex work op-ed, and an update on Epstein can all be found on this episode of the Dean-O-Files Electronically Syndicated Talk Radio Program.
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The Dean-O-Files pre-show is Live at (link:

The show proper starts soon!

The question I now ask is, is this actionable? Would any lawyers like to call in or come into the studio on Saturday to discuss??? I sure hope someone is archiving all this...

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Join the fun! The show starts in 10 minutes!

The hiatus ends TONIGHT! I'm gonna order some dinner and do prep, and the show will begin between 8 and 9 pm CST. Be there or be not there!

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