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Your Ravencoin network is more decentralized than it was last week.

The community rallied to support volunteer devs who created a hard fork to upgrade some features, improve some security features and to change the algo to break ASICS.


She's just a Mentally Disabled child used as a mascot for her radical parents agenda I doubt she understands what she is talking about or is capable to research for herself, if she would be allowed, the facts she is spouting

When everything you know is wrong or wrongish, maybe
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Number Theorist Fears All Published Math Is Wrong

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** IF you have a @[email protected] wallet on your iOS device and have NOT upgraded to iOS13 yet, MAKE sure you have your pairing code written down. The iOS upgrade will nuke you're connection to your local phone wallet. I have had 3 emails on it and tested it first hand. It breaks

Echos from the Beginning from the days of
Time to get

Twitch Has the Gamers but Yearns for a Wider Audience (Like YouTube’s?)

Come watch with me now and learn about the coming fork
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Should be live by 9:30pm CST tonight ; will be going through the steps getting the miner ready for Hardfork due on 1 Oct. This will disable any ASICs on network and *should disrupt FPGA bitstreams. Many GPU Miners have been updated, in which I will test tonight.

Spinning up a stream...

🔴Live :

Broadcasting Just Chatting
Live from the Shop: Cleaning the Shop & finding projects

Back up now & put next to a clean copy of 1903, 1909 is Coming!

It's time to squirrel away a clean copy of Win10 version 1903 via @[email protected]

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