Just a reminder to #gamedev if you're doing a #Linux version of your game, be sure we know about it!

Email us: gamingonlinux.com/email-us/

Happy to help test too, no strings attached.

Spinning up a stream...

🔴Live : (link: twitch.tv/defrisselle?149) twitch.tv/defrisselle?149

Broadcasting Science & Technology
Live from the Shop: Futzing with AROS hosted on Linus Mint & AmiKit

Listen to some Amiga retro mods


"Faxlore is a sort of folklore: humorous texts circulated by fax machine. Cartoons and jokes often circulate as faxlore, the poor graphic quality becoming worse with each new person who resends the joke to the next recipient."

It's how memes spread in a cyberspace before the social media...

xkcd 1683: xkcd.com/1683/

GoT is a post apocalyptic world The aftermath of the Doom of Valyria The Song of Fire and Ice is the correction, the end of the apocalypse, the world reset
The start of a new age without magic or dragons, an age of enlightenment and science

Hey artists of the fediverse:

I am looking to commission some art for my instance tenforward.social.

- Server thumbnail (1200x630px)
- Hero image (600x100px)
- Mascot image (293x205px)

Like the name of the instance, I am looking for Star Trek themed artwork.

If you are interested in doing such a thing, please contact me via e-mail:


#art | #mastoart

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Saudi Arabia admits two Saudi tankers were attacked and “badly damaged” off Fujairah

An Oregon company plans a new kind of nuclear power plant that many consider the future of the industry.

It's smaller, cheaper, and could work well with renewable energy.

Ah, eugenics
Guess it just hasn't been done right yet...

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