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This is a pretty serious problem. We opened up about ~16 Enermax Liqtech TR4 liquid coolers and found that nearly all of them had serious gunking/growth/build-up preventing operation. We believe this to be widespread. Learn more (it's gross): youtube.com/watch?v=nttKqzQiZE

Spinning up a stream...

🔴Live : twitch.tv/defrisselle?3711

Broadcasting Just Chatting
Live from the Shop: Cleaning the Shop & finding projects
(Short Stream)

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Half-life's HEV cosplay suit with lights and sound effects by Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay Creations.

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Retrobrighted my Amiga 4000 keyboard. Turned out pretty well considering summers over and temps have cooled down.

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We write a multi-threaded Ravencoin IPFS pinner and job management script. Under 20 lines. Very simple. Very effective. Tested up to 40-50 threads. The new elegant solution by @[email protected] for @[email protected] seamless pinning of ravencoin blockchain objects 🤠🤠🚀😎

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I have constructed the head release for the 1541-II. It was broken in one of my drives. Now, I can try to revive it. It opens and closes properly. Now I might be able to revive the drive. We will see.

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Do you want to build a brand new Amiga? youtu.be/87q-TTG48Ew | Watch me build the brand new A500++ the "Purple Beast" 💜| in Early Access we take a trip to SWAG and meet even more Amiga's. at patreon.com/retromancave

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Received this little guy in the mail today. Testing it out in Novaterm 9.6 on my c128. It’s quite small.

A Hellicrafters SX-122 AM/Shortwave/HAM radio receiver. Was my uncle's that I inherited worked last I knew. Have to get a speaker and test. Will need a god cleaning at least

Cleaning up the shop and unearthing relics
Remember the ASUS Nexus Player. Got it off eBay a few months after release sans remote. There's an app for that. Used this with an old TV for music and videos in the shop till I got a computer down here

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