Right, don't run an Intel system

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(ERRATA) Intel CPUs have another cross privilege side-channel attack. (SWAPGS) openbsd.org/errata65.html

and now for something completely different

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Time to upgrade 6.5-current?

(close all programs)
# sysupgrade
(it downloads bsd, then reboots, upgrades, and boots again)
# pkg_add -u


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Several layers of radeon update: Francois Tigeot has updated the radeon driver in DragonFly to match what's... bit.ly/2GvBJy3

Any @[email protected] Gurus out there that can help a guy out

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Hey @[email protected] gurus out there that can build me the Aqtion AQN-107 [email protected]@twitter.comI can install it under ? Unfortunately FreeNAS seems to lack the ability to build the driver. Let me know if you can help, just send me a share of you get it to build 🙏


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