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Please join us at 8pm ET TONIGHT for another live call in episode of The Sharpe Way show.
I’ll be speaking with @[email protected]
Call in with questions:
Watch at The Sharpe Way youtube channel link in my bio.

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Call in now to talk to Larry live, guys! You can go to the livestream at the link in our bio. Here’s the number to call. Let’s chat!

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If @[email protected] and @[email protected] just do a shadow debate on cable somewhere during the next debate, I’ll probably watch that instead and enjoy it a lot more. @[email protected]? You game? Can you do one with our slate please. (Que to retweet)

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Please join me TONIGHT on The Sharpe Way call-in show from 8pm-10pm with guest Green Party Presidential Candidate: @[email protected]
•Watch at The Sharpe Way YouTube Channel (link in bio).
•Call in: 573-427-5463

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Happy people don’t act out in violence and destruction. Happiness requires 3 things:
•feeling respected
•feeling loved
•having purpose.
I speak on this in these 2 links:

Hey @[email protected] I'm on @[email protected] and I'm a Don't believe the media lies about Gab
It has all kinds just like every site

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Democrats and Republicans are basically tribes now. The values that once existed have been left behind due to tribalism and replaced with ‘Us vs. Them’, whatever the cost.

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Don’t be afraid to stand up for your liberty and freedom. Each of us need to come together, regardless of political parties, with mutual respect and have meaningful conversations about the importance of liberty.

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If we want to increase and protect our liberty and freedom, we have to STOP supporting those who pay no price for being wrong.

Plus if the Federal Government is still shutdown
April 1st could be a great day for

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organizations are getting together to help clean up . While and can't get past petty politics to fund the government, one party is adding to the list of things that don't require the federal government in the first place.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/new4liberty/status

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