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Here's how CCK_A looks on this before and after the removal of E126C.

Can you spot any differences? Well, because I don't. The slight voltage level change is probably due to how I held the probe.

is fun.

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Here's how I fixed the with RAM issues: I removed E126C. It doesn't actually make much sense, as it's the C part of a filter that should *reduce* the noise on the CCK_A line, but there you go 🤔.

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Un petit peu de avec une autre photo du 1000, toujours dénudé !
On y voit :
- à gauche : 1010, un HxC Slim SD remplace le lecteur, branché en externe,
- centre : extension 256 ko + lecteur D7 A500 en interne,
- à droite : carte Classic 520,
+ DF0 Selector

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Those of you who are ⌨️ 🕹️ fans will know the glee I have from finally getting my own dream - a NOS A4000T.

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The next task is repairing this board, which gives random memory errors. I'm not sure what they're due to, but we'll try to unsolder the RAM chips so that we can test them individually.

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Here is an Amiga Boing Ball. How far can we throw the ball around Twitter? Calling all Amigans! Share the Boing, Love the Boing, Retweet the Boing. Only Amiga Makes it Possible!
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Stupid Tricks v. 7.1426 - Yup I'm at it again putting Twitter on stuff where it doesn't belong, only this time on the instead of the C64. 🤓 Testing is on my local Raspberry Pi 3 web server. Can't do much yet but it's taking shape...

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This is my header for the 500 or the Checkmate 1500 case. Unamiga header is based on the Jepalza's and @[email protected] work.

Cpu: 68000 / 68020
Type: OCS / AGA
Hd: Microsd (hdf)
Floppy: via adf (with a buzzer)
Video: VGA
Kb - Mouse: ps/2 / internal a500 kb

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Lemmings 1991 DMA Design/Psygnosis. One of the most well known games on the Amiga. Which game are you reminded of when you are asked, 'Remember the Amiga?'

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Look at this first time power up and a lovely purple screen to match the purple board 🤗

The boards will be available soon, this should be the final version 😀

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All of the caps I've mentioned are low-ESR and exceed the specs of the originals, which should yield 10 years (!) of uninterrupted (!!) functioning. Thus they are the perfect choice for recapping and computers.

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Nearly done every single component on this board at the moment is brand new.

The only things will not be are the customs, the db23 connectors and the power connector.

Also it’s purple

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If you are a fan of AND the , you may be interested to learn about the new homebrew port that is currently in development! Complete details at!

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