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The Battle Against Gun Control I-1639 - hat tip to @[email protected] and his I-1639 Challenge for making me finally do a video on this.

More unenforceable laws from Long Island Oh, and charging the kid Really, he's 10 Yes, he should have known better Blame his parents for not teaching him about firearm safety We need
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Thankfully, all the kids are unharmed and safe Good thing he didn't have a gun

Driver hijacks, sets ablaze school bus in Italy, children flee... reut.rs/2FkUWB5

One big reason to Liberals in NYS don't even believe that the is for hunting
Hurting hunting is a good way to hurt state and local tax revenue plus local economies Upstate

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When your product is covered by the but you just can't 2A.
They really need to look at what happened in the UK
First the came for the guns and I helped then the came for the knives, Doh!


Would be nice if they would stop playing politics with my rights

If a person failed a background check for a gun purchase, that means they committed a misdemeanor or more likely a felony when they filled out the form LE should be alerted and are by most states laws

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Kinda figured with all the bans and who was getting banned and timedout
I'll be here till @[email protected] decides to stick his nose into social media for approved gun privileges

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Twitter CEO: ‘I don’t believe that we can afford to take a neutral stance anymore.’ dlvr.it/Qyh3J2

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Why violate one right when the state can do a few at a time
States considering this might also want to look at the & and think on what they say and mean

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Illinois Bill Would Permit Police To Examine Gun Buyers’ Social Media Accounts Before Purchase dlvr.it/QyWKJY

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Great another gun grabber from NYC proposing a very onerous gun bill Seems he thinks gun ownership is a hunting privilege as it has a hunting licence as one requirement for purchase

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Here's what "shall not be infringed" means in


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It's a simple equation: When you make the costs of violence high, people think about how they can use their words over their fists. The path 2 peace is through robust defense of mind and body. Tee: bit.ly/2SIqDtC

is violence

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The two main issues with @[email protected]'s bump stock ban are: 1) He can't do it, and 2) It's silly. Let's not trample over both the Constitution and the APA for a useless compromise. Can't wait to help fight this one. @[email protected]


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RT @[email protected] @[email protected] So i should give up my & protected rights to government, and let them see, based on my right, if I should be trusted with my right...

Our founders would be ashamed of what we've done with the republic...


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