Has all this #gab hysteria calmed down? Have we all learned to play nice? I have though about this and tend to agree with adam@noagendasocial.com who basically said if the SJWs and leftists want to wall themselves off from the real world maybe we should encourage it. Us "norms" won't have to put up with their rubbish! #noagenda

It'll all calm down once it's run it's course which seems to be all the SJW instance blocking Gab, any instance that federates with Gab, and any instance that has no moderation (aka, Free Speech Zones) I've seen Liberdon.com labeled as such and banned
Basically turning the Fediverse into the Yin/Yang symbol, two equal and opposite walled gardens

@defrisselle @supes mastodon should just go full circle and become a separate network. Their attempted appropriation of the fediverse has failed.
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