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Cyberpunk is Now: With Cuba's Internet heavily controlled by the state and expensive to access, the residents built there own peer to peer network with thousands of nodes, complete with couriers running/selling content that makes it way in to the country from all over the world

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Was Commodore's Amiga 'A Computer Ahead of Its Time'? bit.ly/2QY2vVW

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Ending the year with another cool retro project announcement. So many cool retro computer recreation projects out there. All keeping it alive.

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The 128RM (C128 Remastered) motherboard project has launched for pre-orders. This new C128 board is so much smaller, it goes into a 64C case! amigalove.com/viewtopic.php?f= If you have all 20 chips, no soldering required.

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Tesla is releasing all vehicles for sale today where original customer can’t take delivery before end of year.

Reminder to US buyers that $7500 tax credit drops in half in 2 weeks. Order online Tesla.com or visit stores.

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There were some really interesting expansions for the VIC-20

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Some new additions to my cartridge collection, now to plan some videos demoing these babies :)

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Any fans of ZOOL? β €

β €
Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendiumβ €
Get the book: buff.ly/2iu7l9y

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Got a chance to visit with Stephen the other day at DNode's #cryptocurrency mining facility. Impressive as heck.
#bitcoin #blockchain #crypto

As well as being a general learning experience, all I want at the end of this is a little board I can keep handy and plug into a C64 board for testing and type
on. That's driving some of the key choices.

There's no reason other than size constraints on the board I happen to have in front of me for the reduced key count. It's a trial run. After this, maybe a full size one.

A nice piece of

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Yo Lemmings fans! One of the machines that was used by Psygnosis artists for Lemmings (among other games) is up for sale. Reading the history alone in how this machine was used by various folks is fascinating. Ebay as a content source? It is today! ebay.co.uk/itm/Unique-and-hist

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One little court ruling in TX and Democrats lose their shit

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