@dcbiker @bigl0af

I'm not sure if Penn got abducted and replaced with Fake Penn, but he's become far more liberal and far less libertarian with age.

They almost don't agree at all with their personalities on "Bullshit!" anymore.

It's sad, because as a magician, I really looked up to them for a lot of reasons.

@Bishop @dcbiker Bullshit! was the height of their careers in my opinion.

Fun fact. My dad was invited to be on their show. He had met then a few times during his CSICOP days. He declined unfortunately.

@shebang @dcbiker very cool.

I have met them - we have some mutual friends.

Generally, still great guys, but their views have softened because they probably don't want to get cancelled

@Bishop @dcbiker I suspect that’s exactly it. The left these days has it in their heads that freedom is some kind of Nazi ideology :blobshrug:

@shebang @Bishop @dcbiker anything that doesn't match their opinion is a Nazi ideology
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