What's the closest thing to groups on Mastodon? And does anyone know of any other federated sites that offer them?

Practical, legal ways to shrink (the state) & limit its :
1. Use non-state-issued currency like , , & silver.
2. when you can't use alternative currency. But be sure to pay the associated to avoid getting in trouble.
3. Use credit unions instead of . CUs pay little to no taxes & give you more control over how your is managed.
4. Use private services over government ones whenever monetarily possible in order to promote state alternatives.

Are you curious why so many Christians, such as myself, are leaving (or have left) the institutional church? This video gives a good explanation of why this is happening.


Greetings !
I'm so happy to be a part of this community. Since political posts on social media often aren't that uplifting or positive, I'd like my first post to be light-hearted & humorous. So I hope you enjoy this about & (specifically comparative advantage) called "Banana (Free Trade Havana Parody)":


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